the yard sale

i had STUFF.  thrifting and finding oddities was a fun part of my life.  funny mugs, strange books, odd containers, fun lamps, teak furniture, etc.  how can i pass up his n’ hers shot glasses for 25 cents?  seriously, i can’t.   i had three bedrooms, a loft, a dining room, a living room, kitchen, backyard, and a basement to fill.  my style is pretty sparse  and organized to begin with but when you are thinking about going from 1400 down to 140 square feet it’s a whole new level of sparse and organized.

i boxed up things that i definitely HAD to keep.  things that were über gorgeous to me; and things that i would need and use.  nothing more, nothing less.  i went through these boxes a few times and thought about each individual thing whether it was a spatula, a photo, a book or a t-shirt.  each time i went through the boxes i pulled things out that when compared to others, weren’t important, gorgeous or useful.  did i need three glass martini shakers?  did i need bowls labelled “peanuts, pretzels, and snacks” when i had other cool bowls that could hold snacks?  of course not.

the yard sale was a gong show.  i barely remember the day.  so many neighbours, family, friends, clients and randoms came – lots knew about my goal of downsizing and building tiny.  things were flying off the shelves.  people asked me, “how does it feel seeing all of your things leaving?”  i don’t remember what i said at the time.  something like, “it’s weird but i can’t take it with me” as if i was going a million miles away.  i was happy to see my “world’s greatest lover” mug go to someone who looked like they may, in fact, BE the world’s greatest lover.  people giggled over my books and their racy titles (“i want to see less of you” was a book on dieting that was a hit).   i didn’t go from a hoarder to a minimalist.  i have never been a hoarder and i don’t think i’m a minimalist – i think i had less than a regular person’s amount of stuff and now i have way less.  but funny that i have EVERYTHING THAT I NEED.

stuff x stuff

stuff x stuff x stuff x stuff


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