windows, door, electrical and roofing


putting in the windows was super exciting. it was probably the biggest step towards making tiny feel like a home. this is the awning window in the loft going in. i bought it on kijiji for $15.


a friend needed to get this triple pane window out of his basement. i gladly took it off his hands.


this is the dog window. build it and they will come. every dog that i have in tiny immediately sits down in front of it and watches.


yes i ran my own electrical, so suck it. it’s not rocket science – you can do it, trust me. drill hole, run wire, cut wire, strip wire, push wire ends into magical holes in outlets. repeat.


“what a man should do…”


i got the door from a friend’s basement. painted it up et voila.


blue metal roofing. no, it’s not loud when it’s raining and i’m sleeping in my loft.


another find from a friend’s basement. this is the part of the electrical that i DID NOT do. i hired an electrician to run power from my parent’s hydro pole, trench out to my spot and put in the box and breakers. i don’t mess with that sort of thing.


easy peasy.

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