manitoba winter, here i come.

it gets cold where i live… soooo cold.  last year’s winter was colder than the north pole and i’m not even joking.  really cold days are -35 to -40.  like, razor blades ripping at your face type cold.  so in the floor there are 3 inches of rigid pink insulation, in the stud spaces is roxul at r14 and on the exterior, under the siding is 1.5″ of rigid blue.  with all of this insulation i would still do things differently if i had to do it again.  i would FO SURE do spray foam.  don’t get me wrong, it’s nice and toasty inside but spray foam would have been pricier but easier, less work (for me) and neater.  not having to put up a poly vapour barrier would have been a nice touch too.  alas, live and learn.


i found that little slider window in a back lane when i was out walking dogs. it was a perfect fit.







One thought on “manitoba winter, here i come.

  1. Im very interesting in your Tiny Home on wheels. I live in Winnipeg currently and Im trying to figure out the logistics of where to go once one is built. Its good to know someone is paving the way!

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