bathrooms n beer

My bathroom is really coming together. I built it every which way, hated it every which way and have settled on a rounded plywood wall that makes me giddy. It really opens the house up as you walk in the door. It provides lots of room for doing the do in the bathroom and is gorgeous. I’m even thinking about putting in a tiny sink with a pump faucet of some sort. I may be getting crazy here…






Spring is in the air so I added a screen door which really helps the air move inside. Speaking of moving air, in the winter I added a bathroom fan in one wall because I was finding that, with the windows closed, it was really stuffy. There was almost a chemical smell. I’ve tried to isolated the smell and in doing so I manically tore out my wallpaper (which I loved), and the linoleum from the kitchen. Doing that improved the smell dramatically. I took the toilet out for a week and that wasn’t it, thankfully. With the fan running, it’s waaaaay less of a vacuum in here.



Also, I’m happy to report that I’m brewing beer in my tiny house. Yes folks, tiny house beer. I even found an old case of stubby bottles – sweet! I’d offer for you to come for a pint but you’de have to find me first. This little house is well hidden, let me tell you. I saw it from a different angle the other day and barely recognized it. So sweet!